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Remember to stop for trail users

June 08, 2011

Denise and Owen Delie, of Oxford, cross W. Burdick St. while riding on the Polly Ann Trail. "We like them," said Denise, referring to the new crossing signals. "We were waiting there for a while, but once we pushed the button, we were ready to go."
Polly Ann Trail users should be having an easier time crossing W. Drahner Rd. and W. Burdick St. thanks to some flashing signals that alert motorists to their presence.

Each trail intersection has two beacons designed to warn motorists they are approaching a pedestrian crossing by using yellow LED lights that flash for 15 seconds. Pedestrians manually activate these solar-powered signals by pushing a button. Until activated, they remain unlit.

The signals were paid for with a $50,000 grant awarded to the township last year.

Although flashing signals are a good way to alert motorists, Craig Bryson, spokesman for the county road commission, noted drivers have always been required by law to stop at these trail intersections whenever pedestrians are present.

"The state vehicle code says motorists have to stop if there's a marked crosswalk, regardless of whether the signals are there or not," he said. "The signals just serve to remind motorists that there's a pedestrian presence. If there's a marked crosswalk and there's a pedestrian in it, the motorists are supposed to stop."

Editor C.J. Carnacchio