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Get your paint on Lake Orion!
Local artist sewing artistic seeds

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

June 22, 2011

Sydney Buiteweg of Alma chose to paint her dog. The eye in the foreground was became the subject of general praise.
Joyce Kulig of Orion Township painted a llama and seemed to be enjoying herself.
Toni Millman of Orion Township painted her cat using light strokes to imitate the feline's chest fur.
Tami Maisel of Alma was disappointed with her painting until she saw it from a distance.
Colleen Carl of Washington Township chose picture of two puppies.
Kimberly Santini, local artist and philanthropist, helped spread the artistic seed when when she held a painting class at the Orion Art Center June 11.

Offering encouraging words in addition to technical support, Santini guided each class member individually, offering appropriate advice for each unique problem. The result was the production of six new works of art, and while not all of the members were happy with their painting, everyone saw their progress. Santini's paintings are collected worldwide, and she specializes in painting animals. Yet she not only paints them - she donates to the betterment of their lives. Ten Percent of Santini's gross sales go to animal welfare organizations, she volunteers at her local animal shelter and works in conjunction with a number of animal rescue programs.

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-- photostory by Gabe Ouzounain