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Groveland Township
Synopsis of 6-13-2011 meeting

June 22, 2011

Synopsis Groveland Twp. Board 6-13-2011

Call To Order & Roll Call

Approved: Consent Agenda

Budget Amendment, Accts Payable June 13,2011

Approved MTA Dues

Approved Change of Fee Occupied & Vacant Re-Occupied

Approved Yearly Commercial Fire Inspection Fee

Approved 2011-2012 Kurtz Mining Permit

Approved 2011-2012 Star-Bat Mining Permit

Approved Chicken Ordinance

Approved Camp Tamarack's Fire Works Permit

Approved Groveland Oaks Fire Works Permit

Approved Back & Lawrence attend MTA Ordinance Class


Approved Planning & Zonning Resolution

Approved Resolution to Participate in CDBG Program

Approved Supervisor & Clerk to Attend MERS Conference in September


Approved Hiring: Mishler, Decker, Erdos, Olrich Fire Employees

Patti Back

Publish in The Citizen 6-18-11 Recording Secretary