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Clinic sets players for success

by Wendi Reardon

June 22, 2011

Stephanie Tenerelli sets the ball for her teammate. Photo by Wendi Reardon
Molly McCaghy jumped up to the top of the net with her arms lifted up and her hands ready to block a hit.

She joined 100 girls at the Clarkston Volleyball Clinic at Clarkston High School last week.

"It's good," raved Stephanie Tenerelli as she waited for her turn at the net on Friday, the last day of the clinic. "I have improved since I have been here."

Other players echoed their appreciation for the clinic including Cat Schlaff.

"It's really fun," she smiled. "I like the competitions."

The clinic was hosted by Clarkston Girls Varsity Volleyball Head Coach Kelly Avenall and her staff, with help from varsity volleyball players to help the girls.

Avenall said the clinic went well as she oversaw all the courts as the players kept fine-tuning their skills.

She added they had over 100 girls, grades 5-12, sign up for the clinic and they had to turn some down.

"Volleyball is becoming more of a popular sport," Avenall said. "Not just in Clarkston but state-wide. More girls are trying out and we have a bigger pool to pull from for teams."

Coaches noticed the younger players coming in with more skills than they had seen before.

"Even before we see them, which is cool," said Avenall.

The clinic helped the players work on fundamentals of the game and perfected their setting, passing, and hitting skills while they worked individually, in teams and competed in games.

Awards for 5-8th graders went to Erin McNeil, Most Improved Camper; Mary Shutty, Most Spirited Camper and Elise Lowell, Best Camper.

For grades 9-12th, Morgan Halligan, Most Improved Camper; Maddie Lightfoot, Most Spirited Camper and Rachel Dickerson, Best Camper.

Tryouts for high school volleyball teams will begin in August. Tryouts for the seventh- and eighth-grade teams will be in January.