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Leader Editorial
Thanks for keeping an eye on things, Mr. Fox

June 22, 2011

In this day and age when it seems like nobody wants to get involved, speak up or right wrongs, we have to commend area resident Jim Fox for reporting the water pollution at Addison Oaks County Park (see Page 1).

Every man, woman and child who swims (or is planning to swim) in Adams Lake should thank Mr. Fox for pointing out there's an illicit connection between a maintenance building sink and the lake.

Whether the substance Mr. Fox reported in the lake was gasoline, as he contended, or paint thinner, as reported by Oakland County officials, doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things because both substances are toxic and have no place being dumped in a lake, especially one people swim in on a regular basis.

We're glad to see the county took the problem seriously, cleaned up the mess and is in the process of rectifying the situation to ensure it doesn't happen again.

We need more citizens like Mr. Fox citizens who are willing to take action when they see something wrong.

Next to the air we breathe, water is perhaps our most precious natural resource. We can't survive without it.

We all have a duty to protect it whenever we can, just like Mr. Fox did. CJC