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Letter to the editor
What have you to say now?

July 06, 2011

Dear Editor,

Dan Travis who ran for Independence Township Supervisor during the last election is today healthy. But imagine for a moment that he had been elected instead of the current supervisor.

Based on the plans Dan had announced, Independence Township would have a professional township superintendent running the day to day operations. 

So if Dan had now missed a few days or a few weeks, or like supervisor Wagner, a few months, the citizens of Independence Township would still have a full service general manager.  

It seems the township is getting by without Supervisor Wagner.  But is merely getting by acceptable? Of course it isn't. Just getting by is not what the taxpayers deserve in a Supervisor. We will never know what we have missed in not having the lead manager not leading and not managing.

It is time for The Clarkston News to acknowledge it was wrong in 2008 to endorse Supervisor Wagner's re-election. It is time for The Clarkston News to admit it was wrong in 2008 to say having a professional manager was unconstitutional.  

(Ed note: the endorsement was based on opposition to the professional-manager slate of candidates. Wagner was subject to a recall effort, which was unsuccessful, which a superintendent wouldn't be. In any case, his status doesn't retroactively affect something's constitutionality.)

In Wagner's absence, the Township Board and staff have so far plugged the gaps. But it is time for Independence Township to do something more. 

We have problems and opportunities and our community deserves more attention and more leadership. 

Craig Bennett

Independence Township