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Goodrich Michigan Merit Exam scores sag

by David Fleet

July 06, 2011

The Michigan Merit Exam scores declined or remained unchanged for juniors in the Goodrich School District in 2011, compared to the 2010 test scores.

In the 2011 MME results released eariler this month, Goodrich had 66 percent mastery in math, (down 7 percent), 72 percent in reading (down 7 percent), 75 percent in science (even), 86 percent in social studies (down 7 percent) and 60 percent in writing (down 7 percent).

"We have some real concerns," said Michael Tripp, Goodrich School Board president.

"We've have a 3- to 4-year downward trend of MME scores. We are trying to determine why. We do extremly well compared to the top schools in the county—we have to focus on those students that don't show well. Class size is not a factor in scores right now. Sometime specific classes just don't respond well, but we've dropped and dropped over the past few years."

"Superintendent John Fazer along with the high school administration is working during the summer months to determine where the problem is with the lower test scores."

Compared with the four major school districts in the area Brandon, Grand Blanc, Lapeer and Davison Goodrich continually ranks second in math and third in reading, science, social studies and math out of the five in all areas.

Grand Blanc had 71 percent mastery levels in math; 80 in reading; 77 percent in science; 91 in social studies and 67 percent in writing.

Davison had 65 percent mastery level in math; 79 in reading; 78 percent in science; 91 in social studies and 63 percent in writing.

Brandon had 58 percent mastery level in math; 68 percent in reading; 69 percent in science; 80 percent in social studies and 49 percent in writing.

Lapeer had 53 percent mastery level in math; 66 percent in reading; 66 percent in science; 83 in social studies and 46 percent in writing.

Genesee County had 42 percent mastery level in math; 57 percent in reading; 53 percent in science; 73 in social studies and 39 percent in writing.