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Letter to the editor
Reader opposes liquor tax break

July 13, 2011

Dear Editor,

Michigan Senate has no integrity. SB331 is proof.

The entire senate voted 38-0 to cancel the party store liquor tax, a $14 million loss.

Here is what makes this so offensive. After the budget is balanced, cuts made, taxes hiked, sacrifices made, it is time to pay off your pals. The liquor lobby gets a $14 million tax cut that is a gift from the general fund.

The Republican and Democrats came together to pay their campaign debts.

Pure Michigan. The party store tax should be set at two percent and help our failed education system, just like the lottery, a theme of "buy for our kids" would suit the senate.

Money for dropout prevention, 30,000 per year, and district consolidations of Michigan's 750 districts.

Programs at the state board of education would be a better need than party store patrons. Fix this now.

John Lauve