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Oxford police log

July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11 - Report of a domestic assault on Born Ridge between a mother and son. The mother accused the son of taking her all her prescription pills. The son denied the allegations, and an argument ensued and escalated to the point where the mother and son were face to face. The son continually called his mother foul names, so she slapped him in the face. The son responded by swinging downward and punching his mother on the top of the forearm. The mother was transported to Crittenton Hospitals by the Oxford Fire Department for x-rays.

*An unknown subject used white spray paint to spray several racial slurs on a sidewalk and two signs on Oakmont Dr. and Teelin near the park area. The spray paint was removed with soap and water.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported at a business on S. Lapeer Rd. The manager said $1355.39 went missing from store safe. The manager and assistant manager claimed they did not know what happened to the money. A search around the office did not reveal the missing money.

*A middle-aged man was found passed out in the skate park on Glaspie. Officers could smell intoxicants on his breath. The man was transported to his residence on Dunlap Circle.

*The Lake Orion Police Department requested assistance from the Oxford Police Department for an incident on North Shore.

*A subject walked into the Village Police Station to file a report that vibrations from a street paving machine caused damage to his residence .

*A woman on Dayton called her neighbor asking her to call the police because her son was out of control. The son took his mothers car and left in an unknown direction. The woman reported she was not assaulted and there were no injuries.

Sunday, July 10 - A caller on W. Drahner reported hearing people spray paint a building.

*A caller reported a vehicle in a ditch on N. Coats Rd. The caller was not sure if the vehicle was occupied.

*Village officers received a complaint of fireworks and bottle rockets being shot off on Broadway and Pearl. The officers made contact with parties on Broadway, Pearl and Ensley and advised them.

*A caller on Scarlet Oak stated she got in a fight with another female. The caller refused medical treatment, but was requesting police assistance. When transferring the call to Oakland County, the dispatcher could hear yelling and name calling before the call dropped.

*A caller told village officers a man, wearing all black, was out walking his dog down Drahner.

Saturday, July 9 - A man reported someone stole most of he and his wife's gift cards during their wedding reception on Saturday, July 2.

*The Lake Orion Police Department requested back-up from Oxford for a fight on Broadway.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported in the SW Lot. A group of people were gathering for what appeared to be a possible altercation.

*A caller on N. Lapeer Rd. heard knocking on the establishment's doors and windows, but when the caller looked, no one was visible. The caller stated it happened several times over a 15-minute period. Village officers were unable to locate the source of the knocking.

*An elderly gentleman was seen walking across Washington St. with his pants falling down.

*Coyotes were reported on the grounds of a W. Drahner establishment.

*Village officers received word of loud band music coming from a residence on Bay Pointe Dr. The home owner was advised and the band stopped playing.

*A leader dog went missing from a residence on Crawford St. Village officers were able to locate the dog and return it to it's owner.

Friday, July 8 - A father on Seymour Lake Rd. checked his 12-year-old sons I-phone and found out he was sending and receiving text messages from a 12-year-old girl from Colorado. The father discovered the text messages were of a sexual nature, and the girl had even sent over a naked photo of herself from the waist up. The father called the number from the text messages, and when the father identified himself as the parent of the boy who received the illicit photo, the girl immediately hung up. The father contacted the Oakland County Sheriff's because he thought this girl could be a pedophile or her parents should know what she is doing. The deputy spoke with the police department in Durranjo, CO. They took the information and said an officer would do a follow-up.

*A woman called police and informed them a male and female on E. Burdick were videotaping a building and than began videotaping her and her children. She asked the man to stop, who laughed at her and continue videotaping her and her children.

*A motorcycle hit a dog on Pearl.

*Village officers were out with two females found to be in possession of marijuana on E. Burdick.

*A caller stated loud fireworks coming from the area of Broadway, Ensley and Pearl were waking up her young children.

Thursday, July 7 - An irate customer refused to leave an establishment on E. Burdick.

*A vehicle was reported to be traveling eastbound on Lakeville Rd. and driving all over the road.

*Village officers received word juveniles were shooting off bottle rockets at cars on Glaspie. The report went unfounded.

*A man was found lying on the bike trail leading to Scripter Park. He was taken to his residence on Dunlap Circle.

*Kids reported to be riding bikes in circles in the intersection of S. Lapeer and Drahner Rd.

Wednesday, July 6 - Possible operating under the influence of liquor on Bay Pointe Dr. and Lakeville Rd.

*Report of juveniles drinking on Glaspie.

*A phone was found on Davison between Pleasant St. and Washington St.

*A 12-year-old was walking along M-24 when a black male tried to get her to go into his van, which was heading north along M-24.

*A caller reported kids shooting off fireworks in a trailer park.

*Police received word of dogs barking continuously on Park St. The dogs were inside a home, which appeared to have no one home, with it's windows open.

Tuesday, July 5 - A caller stated seeing two individuals dressed in black on his property after his dogs woke him up. Both subjects were last seen running down Leighton Lane towards Oxford Lakes Dr. The area was searched and police were unable to locate the two individuals.

*A caller states people were having a bonfire in an empty lot on Stanton and Mill. Officers put out the bonfire and all parties involved were advised about burn permits.

*A man and his son went to the Village Police station handcuffed together. An officer was able to unlock them.

*Police received word about a semi swerving all over E. Burdick.

*A passerby on Glaspie stated seeing three individuals, who took off running when they saw him. Village officers checked the area but were unable to locate the suspects.