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15-year-old Orion entrepreneur is ‘thinking outside the box’

July 13, 2011

15-year-old Jacob Woloson and one of his Dragon wallets for sale.
By Katelyn Crain

Intern for The Review

It's hard to imagine owning your own business at the age of 15. Some people would even call it crazy, but to Jacob Woloson, a Lake Orion High School sophomore, it's just another everyday thing.

Woloson's business, Wooley Wallets, sells wallets and change purses that are handmade out of duct tape. The business offers 20 different colors of tape, which provides people many different color combinations to choose from. Woloson also offers the choice to put a logo on the merchandise purchased, such as the batman logo, a flower, polka dots, etc.

The wallets and coin purses are carefully hand crafted by Woloson himself. Therefore, the products last without signs of wear for an extended amount of time and the prices are affordable for anyone.

"Wallets are sold at five dollars, and change purses are only three dollars. However I am currently working to introduce a new wallet that has a lot more features- so that style may be priced at 10 dollars," Woloson said.

Woloson started Wooley Wallets in early April of this year. Without the help of friends or family, he was able to come up with the idea by simply observing others.

"I have seen duct tape wallets at craft shows before and I wanted to figure out how to do it," Woloson said. "So when I found colored duct tape, I checked out a YouTube video, and I just started making them. After that, it just went up from there."

Woloson plans on expanding his business to offer people another type of 'money organizer.' He said he eventually wants to introduce duct tape checkbooks. And while his business continues to expand, he is excited for what will come in the future.

"I've never really thought about having my own building for my business, and I don't know if I'm going to go as big as that," Woloson said. "I mean, I might if my products continue to become well known and business increases, but I know I want to continue craft shows for sure."

People can purchase a Wooley Wallet product at various art shows around Michigan, as well as online at and choose to email Woloson. He also accepts order forms.

"Sometimes, I take order forms to people at school and they fill out exactly what they want made. Whatever they purchase I make and get to them within a week and that's how I sold my first 20 or 30," Woloson said. "People are just getting to know the product and they are really enjoying them. My next door neighbor ordered 14 wallets for where she works, and that has been my first big order. They make a great inexpensive gift for anyone and honestly, they are just nice to have."

Woloson may still be young, but he is extremely mature when it comes to the knowledge of owning his own business. He is absolutely sure that the sky is the limit for anyone.

"People are inspired by their imagination, so you just have to think outside the box. Get yourself out to the people and become known- and just make sure that whatever you're doing, it's something you want to do."

To Order a wallet or Coin purse, go online to and choose to email Woloson.