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Addison Township

July 20, 2011


Official certification has been received from the Michigan Secretary of State that the Township of Addison has a population of 2000 or more according to the most recent United States census and is therefore eligible to be incorporated as a Charter Township under the provisions of Section 3a of the Charter Township Act, 1947 PA 359 (MCL 42.3a). The township board has the right to exercise one of three options concerning status as a charter township, as follows:

1. Adopt by majority vote a resolution opposed to incorporation as a charter township;

2. Adopt by majority vote a resolution of intent to approve incorporation as a charter township;

3. Adopt by majority vote a resolution to place before the electorate at the next regular or special township election the question of incorporation as a charter township.

In the event option 2 is adopted by the Township Board, the citizens of the township have the right to file a "Right to Referendum Petition". This petition must be filed within the 60 days which must lapse between passage of a resolution of the intent to incorporate and final passage of the resolution to incorporate as a charter township.

The petition shall follow, in general form, the nominating petition form as prescribed in the Michigan Election Law, and in the heading will indicate "Disagreement of Intent to Incorporate as a Charter Township". The petition must be signed by not less than 10% of the registered voters of the township based on the vote cast for all candidates for

Supervisor at the last election at which a supervisor was elected.

If the petition is successful, the question of incorporation will be placed on the ballot at the next general or special township election.

Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. Please attend the August 15, 2011 Board meeting, as Notice of Right to Referendum on becoming a Charter Township, will be an agenda item. The meeting is located at 1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard, MI. 48367 at 7:30 p.m. or submit written comments to the Clerk at the address above. If you have questions concerning the notice please call the office at 248.628.3317.

Pauline Bennett,

Township of Addison Clerk

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Post: July 11, 2011