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Dont be alarmed its supposed to do that

July 20, 2011

On Sunday morning, the world’s fourth best tasting water was seen gushing out the top of the Oxford Village water treatment plant on S. Glaspie St. Special thanks to Oxford Village resident Brenda Meyer for telling us about this incident and supplying a photo.
Oxford Village's water treatment plant looked like a giant pot boiling over on a stove-top Sunday morning as water gushed out the top of the facility and cascaded down the sides.

But don't worry nothing was broken.

In fact, everything was working as it should, according to John Dowson, owner and president of Highland Treatment, Inc., the company that operates and maintains the village's water system.

Dowson explained that the reason for the makeshift waterfall was quite simple.

"There was more water than the plumbing could handle," he said.

At the time this incident occurred, one of the treatment plant's iron filters was in the process of being backwashed, the elevated storage tower was being drained and the plant was trying to keep up with the increased customer demand for water on a Sunday morning.

"There was just too much water being used at that time," Dowson said. This situation resulted in excess water pouring out the top of the plant as shown in the above photo.

"There's an automatic overflow for a case like this," Dowson said. "That's what it's supposed to do. There was absolutely no damage done."

He noted that his company had the situation "corrected within two hours" of when it was spotted.

"Probably less than two hours, but that's a safe estimate," he said.

Editor C.J. Carnacchio