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Oxford police log

July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25 - While on patrol, Oakland County Sheriff's observed two males skateboarding in a parking lot between buildings on Adventure Lane. With the males were two juvenile females, who were sitting in a car watching the males. Deputies recognized one of the males from earlier contacts, and after running his name through the system, officers discovered he had warrants out for his arrest from various departments, with the closest being a probation violation out of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Office. The male was handcuffed and placed in the back of the squad car. Upon searching the vehicle the male was a passenger in, which was separate from the vehicle the female juveniles were in, deputies discovered a couple of marijuana pipes and what appeared to be a small amount of marijuana inside a pill bottle. Deputies destroyed the pipes and marijuana and transferred the male to the Michigan State Police.

*Suspicious circumstance on Thornehill Trail after gas cans were reported in a driveway. Officers made contact with the home owner and everything was all set.

*Three juveniles were spotted in the area of E. Burdick and Washington St. past curfew.

*A caller reported seeing three juveniles on Pleasant St. starting a fire with brush.

Sunday, July 24 - The Oxford Police Department assisted the Lake Orion Police Department with a possible home invasion.

*A caller on Cygnet reported her daughter, who was suffering from a closed head injury, was not listening and the caller wanted some assistance in dealing with her. The caller then disconnected the phone. The issue was turned over to the Oakland County Sheriff's Department for a welfare check.

*Owner of a business on N. Lapeer Rd. reported damage to his rear door.

*A box truck was trying to sell furniture out of the back of it on Lakes Edge Dr. The individuals did not have a permit, so they were advised and sent on their way.

*Village officers received word about juveniles breaking a flower pot and moving furniture at businesses on S. Lapeer Rd.

*A caller on Pleasant St. wanted assistance with getting his daughter's ex-boyfriend to leave.

Saturday, July 23 - A mother on Hunter's Rill reported to the Oakland County Sheriff's Department her daughter received a threatening message over Facebook from a unknown female. The mother said the girl in the photo was holding up her left hand, which appeared to have the word help written in blood on her palm. The individual was blocked and the incident was reported to Facebook authorities.

*A man reported his work ID, badge and a credit card were stolen from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked in the beach area off of Waterstone Dr.

*Property damage accident reported on Seymour Lake Rd. and Baldwin. No injuries were reported.

*A caller stated hearing multiple gunshots on Watersmeet.

*A caller on Heron Way reported a strange odor coming from his house.

Friday, July 22 - A wallet, bank checks and a social security card were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Hunter's Rill.

*A mother filed a missing person's report for her son because she had not been able to contact him since she made him leave their house after he allegedly physically assaulted her on July 15. According to the mother, the son had moved in with one of his friends on Wyndham. However, upon searching the residence, the son was not there.

*A caller on Hunter's Rill stated both his vehicles were broken into.

*A subject was reported to be unconscious on Pontiac St.

*A vehicle was reported to be driving all over the road on East St. before turning onto a driveway on East St. An officer went out and found the driver of the vehicle, an elderly man, who appeared to be having a possible diabetic emergency. The fire department was called to the residence.

*Juveniles rang a doorbell to a house on Eagle Trail, and when the homeowner answered the door, the juveniles squirted the homeowner with a water gun and took off down the road.

*Skateboarders were reported to be riding in the street on Glaspie. They could not be located.

Thursday, July 21 - Village officers tagged a maroon Dodge on Mechanic to be towed.

*An individual suffered a minor dog bite on W. Manor. The individual refused medical treatment.

*A woman on S. Coats called EMS because she was having leg pain. It turned out the woman was doing physical therapy and her legs were just sore, so no service was needed at that time.

*A white dog was found on Oxford Lakes Dr. and Spring Lake Dr.

Wednesday, July 20 - A man walked into the Oakland County Sheriff's substation to report some property of his was stolen from his vehicle in May. He said at that time, he found his GPS unit, DVD player and some change stolen from his vehicle on May 21, but he did not report it because the insurance deductible was larger than the value of the stolen property. He came to the station to make an initial report about the incident because a detective from NET called him and said his stolen GPS had been recovered.

*A reckless driver was reported on N. Lapeer Rd.

*A wallet was found in the middle of Washington St. and turned into Village dispatch.

*A man reported his son threw a stool through a wall at his residence on Keble Lane.

*The Lake Orion Police Department requested assistance from the Oxford Police Department with a large crowd at Lapeer and Shadbolt.

Tuesday, July 19 - Oakland County Sheriff's responded to a private property accident on Wyndham in Oxford Twp. The reporting person said his vehicle was parked in the street and someone backed into it. The owner looked at the nearby vehicles for signs of damage, and he found one sitting in his neighbor's driveway that contained damage consistent to the damage suffered on his vehicle. He made contact with the vehicle's owner, who denied striking the vehicle at first, but later admitted doing it. The suspect asked the victim not to call the police because he had been drinking when the accident occurred and offered to pay the deductible. However, he could not produce enough cash, so the victim informed OCS of the incident. Deputies were able to locate the suspect, who admitted to backing into the vehicle, not reporting the incident and trying to pay off the victim. The suspect was issued a citation for not reporting a property damage accident.

*A caller on Woodleigh Way reported to police a 16-year-old male was yelling at someone in a violent manner, and the caller could not figure out who the juvenile was yelling at. An officer came to the scene and was able to get the situation, which just turned out to be juveniles arguing, under control.

* Report of fireworks at the northwest corner of Broadway and Pearl streets. Village officers were not able to see any fireworks go off, but they checked throughout the night.

*Juveniles were reported to be trespassing on a property on Pleasant St. They were advised they were not allowed on the property.