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Letter to the editor
Oh my goodness!

July 27, 2011

Dear Editor,

May I speak some well-documented truths on the July 20, 2011 article on the Eagle Valley "expansion."

Clerk Shults refers to the motion of "May 18" which was April 18, when after the executive session, which was referred to as Host Fee Agreement, they "authorized the supervisor to work with "our" attorney to finalize the agreement." A 4 3 vote was to finalize the agreement, not approval of a landfill expansion. Then on May 4, they did the same thing; approved the finalization of the attorney opinion. No approval of a landfill expansion of 53 acres, 25 feet higher and 30 years longer. Just an approval of working for a finalization. No approval of a land fill expansion was done!

The then-supervisor and the attorney, told the Orion Township Board, so uniformed, that the Township would be sued, but I ask, for what??!! The County and State would never have approved an expansion, there was too much capacity left in Oakland County never would it have happened if the township would not have caved. Whatever Supervisor VanTassel refers to as happening in the early 2000's has no effect on this.

Orion Township was protected, and in every single document by the 1991 host fee agreement. The attorney and then-supervisor carefully kept so much of this information from the uninformed board. The then-supervisor told the board repeatedly he had been working on this expansion for 15 months. Curious that a letter from Waste Management comes to the township attorney requesting an expansion (notice to the township attorney not the township) on July 15, 2010, requesting an expansion.

On April 18, the attorney and then-supervisor bring the issue to the board, with no prior authorization of a committee, no prior announcement of a request for an expansion ,no prior discussion of any kind on an expansion of the landfill but they had worked on it for 15 months.

July 15, 2010 to April 18, 2011 does not add up to 15 months. However, attorney bills paid Mr. Kelly (township attorney) indicate that from January 1, 2010, have been paid in the thousands and thousands of dollars on this issue. The uniformed board did not pick this up because they only "o.k." bills they do not look at what is spent and on what and to whom. That alone is a frightening thing!

There has been NO vote thus far on an expansion of a landfill at Eagle Valley only an authorization for the attorney to finalize an agreement. The township board if they will absorb these facts, that many of us have worked on over three months will see that they MUST step up and rescind the court judgment and get on with the business of protecting the citizens of Orion Township as they were elected to do.

Sue Turpen