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‘Calling’ started Celtic Cove & Catholic Bookstore

July 27, 2011

By Katelyn Crain

Intern for The Review

Bridget Regan-Kelly felt a calling to start a Catholic bookstore and that is exactly what she did, while staying true to her roots.

Celtic Cove & Catholic Bookstore is located on West Flint Street in downtown Lake Orion. Not only does this store offer the community almost everything related to the Catholic faith, it also offers a selection of Irish items.

Regan-Kelly moved to America from Ireland in her early twenties. When she came here, she says America was full of incredible opportunity. She acquired her education in the states, and worked in the medical profession for about 25 years.

When she retired, Regan-Kelly and her husband moved to Oxford.

"When we moved, we just loved Oxford. It is so peaceful. I started off having a very comfortable life in retirement, but it didn't take long for me to realize I wanted something more to do," Regan-Kelly said, with a wee bit of the Irish brogue still evident in her voice.

She volunteered. She worked part time and became very involved in church.

"I noticed the incredible number of young families with beautiful children and I began to think to myself, 'What resources to these families have for their faith?'" Regan-Kelly said. "I was very convinced that education from a human and a religious prospective was important, and when I realized there was nothing out there for young families, other than what they can get at church, I felt called to do something about it.

"The thought just kept going through my mind, 'You have to start a Catholic bookstore,' and I'm hoping that call came from God. So, that's what I did. I started working at this beautiful little Irish store, and now, today, it is the store that I own. While it still offers some of the Irish things, it is also a Catholic bookstore and it has been that way for seven years now."

Regan-Kelly is very appreciative of her customers and enjoys the time she gets to share with each of them. She says the best part about being in Lake Orion is getting to know the people of the village and the community. She especially enjoys hearing the incredible life stories that her customers have.

"This store is a great place to come hang out and enjoy some quiet peace and some good conversations. I enjoy talking to each of my customers and hearing about them. They are my top priority. I hope to continue to provide materials for their needs, and I want to be here as long as there is a purpose for my being here."