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Tripp resigns from school board

by David Fleet

July 27, 2011

Goodrich-Less than a week after Mike Tripp was replaced as school board president, he announced his resignation from the school board effective July 31 after serving more than 16 years.

The district has 30 days to fill the seat with an interim board member. Tripp's term will expire in December 2013.

"The time has come for me to focus my time and attention on more personal matters and move forward with other interests in my life," said Tripp, 55, in a prepared statement. "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the community for allowing me to serve in this capacity for so many years. Over this time I have always tried to make decisions with the welfare of the district as a whole in mind."

Tripp was first elected in 1995 and had served five years as president.

"School board members are a critical position," he said. "I was not the best student in high school—over the years that fact allowed me to see the students' position from the other side. I've been there."

Tripp said while student issues can be difficult, the negotiations with the GEA are more difficult.

"The unions are very strong. It's a battle between what we deserve versus what our resources are—it's a difficult battle."

While several parts of serving on the school board were challenging, Tripp said when students graduated it made it all worthwhile.

"I just love to see those 100 students walk across and receive that diploma," he said. "It's the fulfillment of our mission here at Goodrich."

Tripp added he would continue to work with the district if needed.

"I have had the honor of working with some outstanding individuals dedicated to the education of your children and making some great friends along the way."