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Independence Township
SYNOPSIS of August 2, 2011 meeting

August 10, 2011




August 2, 2011

1. The Regular Meeting of the Charter Township of Independence Board was called

to order at 7:31 PM at the Independence Township Hall.

2. Pledge of Allegiance was given by members of Boy Scout Troop #185.

3. Roll Call: Present: Lohmeier, Pallotta, Rosso, Wallace

Absent: Carson, Petterson, Wagner

There was a quorum present.

4. Approval to appoint Acting Chair.

5. The Agenda was approved as presented.

6. Approval to move into Closed Session at 7:34 PM.

Treasurer Carson ARRIVED at 7:35 PM

The Regular Meeting RECONVENED at 8:05 PM.

PUBLIC FORUM: 8:078:16 PM; Rudy Lozano

7. Approval of the Consent Agenda.

PRESENTATION: Dick Carlisle, Carlisle/Wortman Associates, Inc. CodeABILITY Proposal


8. Approval of Township/Clarkston Schools Partnership-Tri-Party Safety Project.


9. Approval of Second Quarter Investment Report.

10. Approval to extend meeting.

The Regular Meeting RECESSED at 9:59 PM.

The Regular Meeting RECONVENED at 10:05 PM.

11. Approval of Wellhead Protection Professional Services.

12. Postponement of Update on Facilities Maintenance, Safety Path and Custodial Departments.

13. Approval of Supervisor's Appointments to the Sashabaw Road Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA).

14. Approval of Directive to Sashabaw Road Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) to proceed with the most recent landscape design and solicit bids prior to Fall planting season.

15. Approval to direct Clerk to forward a letter authorizing Oakland County to assess the historic Sashabaw United Presbyterian Church structure at no charge.

16. Approval to schedule a Special Meeting for the purpose of discussing Capital Improvement projects and finalize a plan in conjunction with the budget process.

The Regular meeting ADJOURNED at 12:03 AM on Wednesday, August 3, 2011.

Barbara A. Pallotta, CMC

Published: August 10, 2011 Township Clerk