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Local taking a ‘Pepsi Challenge’

August 10, 2011

By Megan Bildner

Review Intern

Everyone has something they are passionate about.

For Lake Orion resident Mathew Huhn, 29, it is fire education and prevention. Recognizing a need to help the underprivileged in Lake Orion, he decided to do something about it with the help of Pepsi.

He entered the Pepsi Refresh Challenge with hopes of receiving a $25,000 grant to purchase smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for Lake Orion residents who might not be able to afford the fire safety tools.

"Fire safety is something that's very interesting and close to me," said Huhn, a 2000 graduate of Lake Orion High School. "I don't think people are aware of how dangerous it can be to not have the proper protection and fire warning devices in their homes."

Huhn owns an area landscaping company and also tests hoses on fire trucks. His interest in fire safety and prevention started when Huhn was a volunteer firefighter for the Lake Orion and Rochester Hills Fire Departments.

Huhn's proposed idea is currently ranked in 47th place on the Pepsi Challenge website.

Those that wish can support Huhn's efforts and their local community by voting online or via phone -- once a day -- now through August 31. Go to and search "smoke detectors" or search for the Facebook page "Lake Orion Pepsi Refresh Challenge."

Voters can also text 107980 to the phone number 73774.

If Huhn's idea moves into the top fifteen rankings, Pepsi will notify him by Sept. 23. He will receive from the cola maker a $25,000 grant to promote fire awareness in the Lake Orion community.