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Letter to the editor
New M-24 signage has reader wondering

August 10, 2011

Dear Editor,

Anyone who drives regularly on M-24 anywhere between the Lapeer county line and Auburn Hills has most certainly noticed workmen replacing all of the road signs during the past several weeks.

What is the reason for doing this?

I've noticed that some of the signs show certain types of wear such as slight fading or rusty or bent posts, but for the most part the signs that are being replaced seem to be in reasonably good condition. Is it that we're trying to impress people who drive up and down M-24 with our beautiful road signs?

Do the people who drive up and down M-24 even care what our road signs look like? Is it our obligation as taxpayers to make sure that our road signs are state-of-the-art, visually-appealing masterpieces, or is it simply our obligation to provide the necessary signage to control traffic?

I've thought that maybe this is part of a regular maintenance program, to ensure that our signs stay in good condition, kind of like replacing a leaky faucet in your house. Makes sense, do a little preventive maintenance so that you don't end up with more problems in the future. The only problem is that what's happening with the signs is the equivalent of replacing every faucet in an entire neighborhood because one or two of them have a leak.

I know in my house, I replace items on an as-needed basis; I don't replace every faucet in the house at the same time just because the kitchen faucet has a drip. Even if I got a nice discount for purchasing enough faucets to replace all of them, I would still rule out spending money to replace items that did not need replacing.

The bottom line is this: No matter what the reason, short of the current signs being made of toxic material that is leaching into the ground, there is absolutely no reasonable explanation for spending taxpayer money to replace signs that don't need replacing.

Joe Robertson

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