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Teachers still do right for students

August 10, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of Ortonville, parent of two Brandon students and I teach for Brandon. As we approach a new school year, there are a couple of outstanding teachers that I want to thank. Now, keep in mind that Brandon is full of outstanding teachers who go above and beyond each and every day. These three individuals are standing out in my mind as I write this letter: Mr. Medvinsky, Mrs. Preece and Mrs. Zall.

Last year, my daughter was a member of Mr. Medvinsky's Indaba Drumming group. She loved it! In fact, she loved it so much I couldn't (and still can't) stop her drumming all over my house. Now, what many people do not know about Mr. Medvinsky is that his Indaba Drumming groups are completely volunteer on his part. He donates two nights per week every week to our kids, simply because he loves what he does and he loves our kids. Thank you Mr. Medvinsky!

One evening after picking up my daughter from Indaba Drumming, I saw my daughter's teacher Mrs. Preece leaving. I said to her, "Wow, Audrey. There is Mrs. Preece, she sure stays late." That is when Audrey informed me that Mrs. Preece has Math Help Club every Thursday after school. Although Audrey has not stayed for Math Help Club, I value Mrs. Preece donating her time. Thank you Mrs. Preece!

Lauri Zall is a speech pathologist for our district. She has many buildings that she services. When my son required speech services for articulation, Mrs. Zall asked if she could please see him after school hours. Her caseload during the day is so busy that she didn't mind seeing him when contractually she was free to walk out the door. Thank you Mrs. Zall!

In closing, this past year was a difficult time to be a teacher. However, teachers continue to do what is right by our students. Once again, these are only three examples of people who have personally impacted me, my family and my community. I want you all to know that I recognize how valuable you are. I recognize how hard you work and my family and I appreciate you.

Amy Laminan & Family