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Oxford police log

August 17, 2011

Monday, August 15 - A caller on Woodside reported someone being in his house.

*A citizen requested extra patrol for speeders on Oxford Lakes Dr.

*A man on Crawford St. wanted to bring charges against his ex because she took his dog and would not give it back to him.

*Village officers received word about kids climbing on a building and swearing. Contact was made with the juveniles and they were advised.

*Village police assisted the Lake Orion Police Department with an arrest of a domestic subject on N. Axford.

Sunday, August 14 - Oakland County Sheriff's deputies responded to a complaint on N. Baldwin Rd. A man, taking care of his neighbors dog while they were on vacation, reported seeing a tv on in the house when no one was supposed to be there. Deputies found the back door unlocked and no signs of forced entry and also did not observe anything unusual or disturbed following an exterior search of the residence.

*Officers received word about a suspicious male on S. Washington and W. Burdick, The male was carrying a handheld device and walking up and down the street pointing at things and taking pictures. It turned out the man was a new Chinese teacher for the school district and was getting familiar with where the district's Board of Education office was.

*A juvenile tried to take a bike from a home owner on S. Glaspie. The home owner stopped the juvenile and held him until the Village police could arrive. The juvenile was taken back to the station.

Saturday, August 13 - Two residents at Crossroads were reported to have run away.

*A leaf blower, chainsaw and tractor blades were reported missing from a shed on S. Coats.

*Police received word about someone sending threatening text messages to a woman on Pleasant. The woman reported she received a message from her ex-boyfriends cousin who stated she was coming over to beat her up.

*An accident occurred between a Mercury Mountaineer and a Ford Escape on S. Washington and Burdick St.

Friday, August 12 - Police received a report of an unknown individual spray-painting graffiti on the back of a building on Thomas Rd. The owner of the building was advised by Oakland County Sheriff's deputies to upgrade his security at his facility.

*Deputies responded to a report of prescription drug fraud at an establishment on N. Lapeer Rd. The pharmacist thought there was an issue with the prescriptions the woman was trying to get filled, so he called the doctor, who informed him he never wrote a prescription for the woman. The pharmacist also called the number for the doctor's office listed on the prescription, and that turned out to be fake as well. The woman also tried to pass other fake prescriptions in other establishments in Michigan. The woman was arrested and taken to the Oakland County Sheriff Substation in Oxford and interviewed before being taken down Oakland County Jail.

*A DVD duplicator was reported missing from inside the teachers work room at Oxford High School.

*An Oxford Community Schools employee reported having $900 stolen from his wallet. The employee locked his wallet in the coaches' locker room and when he returned later, the money was missing from his wallet, although nothing else was taken.

Thursday, August 11 - A woman reported her in-car DVD player and monitor went missing from her car sometime between July 31 and August 1 at her mother's house on Lakesview Dr., overnight. Four sets of head phones were missing as well.

*Oakland County Sheriff's deputies assisted the Village Police Department with picking up two individuals on warrants for felony second degree home invasion and interfering with a crime report.

*Village police officers were called out to investigate a subject dressed all in black after he was seen near a store on S. Lapeer Rd. after hours.

*Report of a tan car driving in circles on S. Glaspie with the driver hanging out of the car window. The car was gone when police arrived.

*A dog was wandering around without an owner near Oxford Elementary and a caller thought it could have been a coyote.

*A passerby on Davison and Pleasant reported seeing a man dressed in black trying to get into a building. When the reporting individual drove by, the man began running away. Police could not locate the individual.

*Noise complaint about people on the basketball court on Spring Lake.

Wednesday, August 10 - Oakland County Sheriff's deputies responded to an assault which occurred between two female residents at Crossroads. One female slapped another in the face following an argument. Both parties were advised that violence would not be tolerated at the facilities. The deputies were advised no prosecution was going to take place at this time.

*A woman reported her car, purse and phone were stolen from an address on Pontaic St. The woman told sheriff's deputies she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend over what they wanted to do that evening. She finally went to bed around midnight and when she woke up around 3:30 a.m., she found her vehicle was gone, as well as the boyfriend. She rode her bike over to her boyfriends mothers house, who made contact with her son and learned he was driving the missing vehicle and that it was currently being impounded by police in Pontiac. The woman said she wanted to press charges for auto theft and larceny against her boyfriend.

*Deputies responded to a report of a suspicious person behind a building on S. Lapeer Rd. He was behind the business urinating while the back door to the business was open with an alarm going off. The man told officers he recently bought cigarettes at a local gas station and was walking behind the building and noticed the door being open. He also admitted to urinating on the building. The man was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct.

*Report of a breaking and entering in a apartment on W. Burdick.

Tuesday, August 9 - A woman made a parking complaint against her neighbor after the neighbor kept parking in front of her mailbox, which kept the mail carrier from delivering her mail.

*Four teenagers reportedly walked into a restaurant on S. Lapeer Rd. and left without paying. The owner of the restaurant was not able to catch the juveniles, and police were not able to locate them in the area.

*An individual on Bay Pointe Dr. reported his vehicle was covered in tomato sauce.