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Editor's column
Believe or not, there are more athletes in town

August 24, 2011

There's no denying it, so let's just admit it: Lake Orion is a football town.

Go to a Dragon home game on Friday night in the fall and the stands are packed with crazed fans. For that matter, the Lake Orion faithful travel as well as any school in the area, with our fans often outnumbering the home team crowds.

The team essentially plays with a 12 man on the field each game and that can be incredibly motivating for a young athlete.

And as soon as the game is over, we're already talking about next week's gridiron battle. The sport binds young and old alike in this community.

But there are several other varsity sports underway now, all featuring quality student-athletes. These young men and women can be found on the soccer pitch, in our pool and gymnasium kicking soccer balls, doing laps and diving, and spiking volleyballs. Other Lake Orion athletes are spending their time on the tennis court, golf courses and cross country trail this fall.

It's time our community started sharing its love for these Dragon athletes, as well. I recognize some of the sports venues are more fan-friendly than others, but we all sit too much anyways and a little walking won't hurt anyone. Furthermore, some of these athletes may be so used to playing before sparse crowds, I think they would sincerely appreciate the unexpected support.

As this year's fall sports season gets underway, I challenge my fellow football fans across Lake Orion. For every varsity football game you attend this season, attend at least one other high school sporting event. You choose which ones, but it can't involve pigskin, first-down markers or quarterback sacks. Many of the other varsity sports also take place in the early evening or on weekends, so most of us cannot use work as an excuse.

And the same goes for our sports teams this winter and next spring. You know, Lake Orion was a great basketball school back in the day and regularly packed the old field house. The hockey team went to the state-semifinals this year. Our baseball team won a state championship a few years ago.

Their schedules can be found online or sometimes posted at local businesses. You also can just ask a neighbor whose kid may be playing. Heck, contact the high school athletic department and they can tell you who's playing where and when.

If you're looking for someone to join you, just call me.

Your enthusiasm may just give our more unheralded student athletes the extra motivation and energy needed to fuel another Lake Orion victory.

Go Dragons!