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Oxford police log

August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29 - Oakland County Sheriff's deputies responded the scene of a two car accident around 9 a.m. Monday morning. A 78-year-old male driver from Lake Orion in a Dodge Stratus was making a u-turn from N. Lapeer Rd. to S. Lapeer Rd. and turned into the lane of a male driver, 18, from Oxford. The Stratus then collided with the back end of the 18-year-old's vehicle. The Oxford driver then drove over the hood of the Stratus and stopped in a ditch.

*Suspicious noise reported on Bay Pointe Dr. It turned out to be a propane tank igniting every few seconds.

*A green van was seen weaving in and out of traffic along S. Lapeer and Davison Lake. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

*Malicious destruction of property was reported on Conda Lane. The front of a condo was spray painted.

*Possible operating under the influence of liquor was reported on N. Lapeer Rd.

*A loud radio was reported near the basketball court on Spring Lake. Subjects were advised of the call and advised to keep the music level down.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Pontiac St. The subject in the vehicle was a construction worker who was doing the floors at the schools and was sleeping in the car because he was waiting for the floors to dry before he could apply another coat of sealer.

Sunday, August 28 - A woman on Lakes Edge Dr. reported a malicious destruction of property to the Oxford Middle School football stadium. She told responding officers she saw a teenage male, who was accompanied by a teenage female and a brown dog, throw an object at the stadium press box and shatter a window. The woman added the couple was able to gain entry by manipulating a locked gate in order for the female and dog to squeeze through while the male climbed the fence. After the damage was done, the two juveniles left the area and headed in the direction of Lakevilla Trailer Park.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Chieftan Circle. A home owner was walking down his stairs when he saw an unknown male run past him out the front door and drive away in a dark colored Chevrolet S10 type of vehicle. One of the homeowner's guests said she saw the male exit the house and step onto the deck, and when she called the homeowner to tell him about the male, the male ran back inside the house. Other guests in the house did not notice the man.

*Police assisted a citizen with a bat in their house on W. Burdick.

Saturday, August 27 - A man on E. Manor called Oakland County Sheriff's deputies after returning home to find mud tracks on his living room floor and his air conditioning unit turned off. He told deputies those tracks were not his and he always leaves his AC on. The man did not report anything missing and there was no sign of forced entry.

*Two suspicious people were walking along Hudson and Dennison.

*Village officers assisted with a dog that had gotten stuck underneath a garage on E. Oakwood Dr.

Friday, August 26 - Suspicious vehicle was reported on Glaspie St. A van with two juveniles in it was parked behind the ball field at Scripter Park.

*The Lake Orion Police Department requested the assistance of the Oxford Police Department locating a subject who was making threats against the LOPD.

*A woman came home to her residence on E. Burdick to find her personal belongings damaged. She thought her estranged husband might have done it.

*Two subjects were reported in Scripter Park after hours.

Thursday, August 25 - A suspicious circumstance was reported on N. Lapeer Rd. Three subjects - one male and two females - were reported to be in a parking lot in a old pink car, with one of the subjects having duct tape across her face. Deputies located the car driving southbound on M-24, and pulled it over, where they discovered there was some sort of sadomasochism role playing going on between the two females and that the act was consensual. Neither female had a driver's license with them, so the male was told to drive home. The female driver was issued a ticket for failure to display a valid license and deputies advised the occupants that restraining someone's face with duct tape in public wasn't a good idea because it caused people to worry and call the sheriff's department.

*Possible fight at a business on S. Washington St. The subjects were not located.

*A woman came into the village police station to report she was involved in an altercation with her husband, who was intoxicated. She wanted a peace officer to stand by while she got some clothes for the evening.

*A caller reported kids fighting on Market St.

*Two females turned in a wallet they found behind the village police station.

Wednesday, August 24 - A caller reported a female had been assaulted on Mechanic and Crawford and the subject was headed in the direction of the cemetery.

*A caller on Quail Ridge reported a suspicious vehicle near his house.

*A landlord on Thornehill Trail believed some of his ex-tenants stole a washer and dryer when they moved out.

*Possible operating while intoxicated on M-24, south of Oakwood. It turned out the driver was having some steering problems.

*A caller reported erratic driving on Lakeville Rd. near Wildcat Rd. Village officers were able to locate the driver and issue a citation.

*Four males were being destructive to playground equipment on Mechanic.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Glaspie St. behind the skate park. When spotted by officers, two juveniles, both female, took off running towards the vehicle.

Tuesday, August 23 - An employee of a building on S. Lapeer Rd. discovered the west rear side door was open when she came to work. It appeared the door had been opened with a hard object, but nothing appeared to be missing inside the business.

*An intoxicated male on Hilberg said he was assaulted and needed a police officer.

*A reporting person said he was threatened by a co-worker, who was holding a knife, while at work.