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Letter to the editor
Landfill opponents speak up

September 07, 2011

Dear Editor,

At the August 29 Township Board meeting, residents filled the hall in protest of the April 18 board approval of a 53-acre, 25-foot elevation of the proposed 30-40 year expansion of the Eagle Valley Landfill. The residents provided enough new information for the board to risk going back to court and try to undo what they did back in April and reinstate the 1991 Consent Judgment. Yes, the township faces a difficult but not impossible hurtle with the court. We just hope Judge Grant will have all the information in front of her, all of it, when she makes her ruling.

This will not damage Waste Management's current operations, as they still have nine more years of capacity available. There was never a need to rush this through with Eagle Valley's current surplus of capacity and 28 years of solid waste disposal capacity in Oakland County. The township now has the time to update the 1997 environmental study, hold the proper public hearings, address all the residents' concerns and give the entire proposal the due diligence it required. This expansion has major environmental issues. The two major aquifers that supply the lakes and residents wells in the south end of the township flow to the north and northeast under the Eagle Valley Landfill. If they collapse or become contaminated, Orion Township will become a disaster area. The township cannot afford not to take these steps and it will be more expensive now, but there is a price for breaking the public trust. It's just a shame that our new Deputy County Executive Mr. Gibb would lash out the way he did to a couple of the ladies that spoke at the township meeting.Eagle Valley is not the only landfill in the township. To the south there is the Fonze landfill from the 1930-50s where Culver's sits, that would have required a major cleanup from the state if that industrial park was not built there to hold down the surfacing barrels. To the southeast was the Oakland County Road Commission landfill from the 1950-60s at Squirrel and Dutton. To the northeast was the Oakland County and Orion township landfill from the 1940s at Kern and Greenshield. To say, they purchased a home there or to think that this will not affect you because you are north of Clarkston Road, well think again! We feel that Orion Township has done its part for Oakland County and it's time to save our community for our children and grandchildren so they can live, "were living is a vacation".

Thank you again Treasurer Young, Supervisor Van Tassel, Clerk Shults, and Trustees Flood, Porter and Steimal.

Mary Ann Ryan

Sue Turpen

Joe Geraci