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Road are designed for vehicle traffic

September 07, 2011

Dear Editor,

(In response to: 'Speed limits on township dirt roads revisited,' The Citizen, Aug. 27, page 4)

When a dirt road does not have a posted speed limit it does "not" mean that you are to drive at 55 mph it means "you choose" a speed safe for the condition of the road (not to exceed 55 mph). How wonderful that the Michigan State Police recognize that the majority of drivers are responsible enough to choose a safe speed. The Michigan State Police have research, facts, and statistics to back up their recommendation with regards to speed limits on rural roads.

Rep. Brad Jacobsen states that calls complaining about the no postings are down. Perhaps that is because people see the sky did not fall down. Sure, there are some people who drive too fast, but there always have been those few who drive fast, regardless of posted limits.

What data is the school board using to justify their resolution to support speed limit postings on our roads? I checked with Betty Martin, Supervisor of Brandon Schools Transportation Department, she is not aware of any traffic incidents involving our district's children that are attributed to the speed limit sign removal. She also stated that no one from the board had contacted her regarding the issue.

Roads are designed for vehicle traffic. Roads are not a safe place for recreation at any speed limit. If Rep. Jacobsen really has the best interests and safety of our community in mind he would concentrate his efforts on bringing bike lanes and safety paths to our community. He could start by drafting legislation requiring bike lanes and safety paths for every new road built or as existing roads are resurfaced. The residents of our community deserve and need safe and easy access to outdoor recreation.

Rose Ames