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Letter to the editor
School board no show on cable

September 14, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am disappointed in the Clarkston School District's decision to remove the school board meetings on Channel 22 on Comcast cable. It is now only on the districts' website.

Unfortunately, when the Clarkston News contacted Dr. Rock to see what was happening when the board meetings were stopped on Comcast, the Clarkston News printed on Aug. 17 that Dr. Rock said, "The meetings are and will continue to be broadcast on cable," said Dr. Rock, superintendent. "We are also planning to stream them on our website. We plan to have this as a secondary method for all to view the meetings."

He explained only Independence Township residents have the option to watch it on Comcast cable right now. Expanding it to the internet allows more interested community members to watch.

Rock also said they "plan to add finance committee meetings, as well."

But none of the board meetings have yet been returned to Comcast's Channel 22. On top of that, I have heard from multiple people who were not only unable to download board meetings on their computers because the broadcast uses so much memory, but the attempt to view the board meetings also locked up their computers.

At the end of the school board meeting, Sept. 12, Dr. Rock announced he was going to put meetings back on Comcast.

I hope he does. I believe that if the district is serious about being "transparent" and allowing more residents to view the meetings, then they need to go back to broadcasting the board meetings on Comcast AND on the district website because not everyone has access to the internet or Comcast cable.

Dawn Schaller

Independence Township