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Getting to know Oxford’s guests

by Andrew Moser

September 14, 2011

Back row (from left): Litong (Sophia) Pei, Yichen (Hansen) Yao, Bo (Jack) Fang, Liyuan (Evan) Zhang, Noah Brooks and Bowen (Richard Yang). Front row (from left): Harrison Lavns, Emily Gilmore and Bailey Rochon. Photo by Andrew Moser.
After traveling more than 6,000 miles and spending 13 hours in the air two weeks ago, the five inaugural Chinese residents of the Oxford International Residency Academy got started with their Oxford education last week.

The five inaugural students are:

Bo (Jack) Fang: Bo will be graduating from Oxford High School this year as he enters into the residency as a senior.

Fang says he loves playing basketball and plans on becoming a team manager during the varsity basketball season. In addition to basketball, he also enjoys singing and dancing.

While at Oxford, he is hoping to improve on his English skills in order to attend an American university.

According to Bo, his nickname is "smile boy" because he is happy all of the time.

Litong (Sophia) Pei: Pei, 15, is planning on getting involved in the Math and Environmental Clubs at OHS. She says her favorite food is chicken and can play the bamboo flute.

She says Oxford is going to be "fantastic" and "challenging," while the United States is "great and advanced."

Yichen (Hansen) Yao: Yao is 15 years old and was born in Shenyang, China, where he lives with his parents, grandmother and dog Prince.

Yao said he loves Biology and Physics and hopes to one day become a professor of both sciences.

He is most excited about the variety of programs and activities Oxford has to offer. "It also provides me with a variety of interesting subjects," he added. "I'm excited about all things."

Bowen (Richard) Yang.: Yang is a 16-year-old who likes to swim, sing and eat. He feels that Oxford has a nice school and has terrific people.

His thoughts about the United States "it has lots of trees (and a ) better educational system."

Liyuan (Evan) Zhang: Zhang is a 16-year-old from Shenyang, China, where he lived with his mother, father and 12 fish.

Zhang decided to come to Oxford in order to improve his English and build good friendships with American students.

He said what he is most excited for is playing sports for the high school and meeting people.

While math is his favorite subject, he plans on becoming a businessman or professor upon college graduation.

His interests include tennis, basketball and girls and says he loves cheeseburgers.