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Oxford police log

September 28, 2011

Monday, September 26 - The Oxford Village Police Department assisted the Lake Orion Police Department with a domestic disturbance on N. Lapeer Rd.

*Entry gained on a locked Ford Explorer on Hudson.

*Report of a larceny from a client at a group home building on Hudson.

*A female on Lakes Edge Dr. wanted her son to sign a piece of paper admitting responsibility for giving her other son a prescription drug. A village officer made contact with both parties and the situation was taken care of.

*The Oxford Fire Department responded to the scene of a 17-year-old female who passed out on W. Drahner.

Sunday, September 25 - A caller on Wyndam reported to Village officers he was being hit by his brother.

*Suspicious person reported on Pleasant and Davison. The caller thought someone was breaking into his friends house. When the officer checked out the residence, it turned out to be the residence's maintenance man.

*Property damage reported on W. Burdick and West. St.

*Village officers assisted the Oakland County Sheriffs Department with an out of control juvenile at Crossroads for Youth.

*A blue Volkswagon Jetta was seen passing on the right and running stop lights on S. Washington and E. Burdick.

*Village police responded to a threat report on Lakes Edge Dr. The reporting person said the subject had a knife and was threatening him with it. The caller then stated the subject began brandishing the knife and threatening to kick his butt if he found out the caller was on the phone with police. Officers were able to take the suspect into custody and turned the suspect over to his father later on in the evening.

*A loose dog was found on the Polly Ann Trail near the library. The dog's owner was located and was reunited.

*A caller on W. Beverly wanted someone from the fire department to perform CPR on their Chihuahua. The caller was transferred to the Oakland County Sheriff's Dept.

*Report of open intoxicants on N. Lapeer Rd. The suspected vehicle was spotted on M-24 near Drahner and stopped. Officers discovered there were no open intoxicants in the vehicle and the vehicle was cleared.

*Oakland County Sheriff's deputies had to put down a deer that was struck by a vehicle on Seymour Lake Rd. and Sanders Rd.

Saturday, September 24 - The Oxford Police Department assisted the Lake Orion Police Department with a disorderly group on Flint and Broadway.

*Village dispatch received word about an unconscious male who was not breathing.

*A caller on N. Washington reported one of his neighbors was intoxicated and was hanging out the window verbally harassing the complainant.

*Officers received word about five juveniles walking on Mechanic towards Park St. yelling obscenities towards passer-bys. They were gone when police arrived.

Friday, September 23 - Village officers received word about an 18-wheeler with its hazard lights on at Lapeer and Minnetonka.

*Suspicious circumstance reported on S. Washington. A woman walked into a lobby of a business allegedly smelling of alcohol and stated she would not leave the parking lot until someone came out and spoke with her.

*Report of a boyfriend vs. girlfriend fight which turned physical on E. Burdick. They were separated for the evening.

*A fraud report was taken on Hudson.

*Suspicious vehicle was parked on Industrial with headlights on.

*A caller reported hearing gunfire in the area of her apartment on Manitou.

Thursday, September 22 - A caller on Broadway reported there were people in the house he was calling from threatening to beat other people up. Officers were able to get the scene under control.

*Village officers were made aware of a possibly intoxicated male on a bike who was heading towards Burdick St. riding in the middle of the road and kept falling down.

Wednesday, September 21 - A man reported to the Oakland County Sheriff's Department an unknown individual keyed his vehicle in the south parking lot of Oxford High School. Two 10-inch scratches were left on the vehicle.

*A suspicious vehicle was parked at the baseball fields on Glaspie St.

*Police attempted to locate the owner of a vehicle which was partially in the road on Dunlap near Lakeville and Bay Pointe Dr.

*Report of a dirt bike riding on property of old Barron Cast on Glaspie.

*Suspicious circumstance reported on Crawford St. The reporting person told officers she gave her mother credit cards to hold onto. The daughter wanted the cards back, but the mother said she did not have them. The daughter then told officers she had previously seen her mother use her credit cards only a month prior.

Tuesday, September 20 - Officers received word about a dirt bike running up and down the Polly Ann Trail and on the old automobile press on Glaspie St. and Powell.