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Letter to the editor
Enforce ordinance

October 05, 2011

Dear Editor,

JoAnn Van Tassel, you are the BOSS, but the same O same O continues. You are allowing Home Business Occupation ordinance violations to continue, even though there are clear steps and rules to be carried out by the Township to correct the violations.  You know about all of this and yet the abuse is being allowed to continue ON PURPOSE.  For whatever reason, the Supervisor at the Orion Township offices does not appear to care, since it is not on your street or your neighborhood. 

It also behooves me that you would ask how some of the neighbors felt, as if it depended on how many neighbors com

plained about the Home Business Occupation ordinance violation.   A planning commission member recently asked you about this issue again and you replied to him the man will have his commercial snow plowing equipment attachments (4-6 of them) on the trucks. What does that mean?  Does it mean they will be attached to the trucks for winter snow plowing and still be allowed to violate the HOME occupation ordinance?  Or does it mean the equipment will just be sitting on the truck/trucks (for a day/week)?  On Sept. 9, you and Tom Berger assured me the Township was not dragging its feet and to give you a week. This is Oct. 4, and yet only wood chips from possibly diseased ash borer trees, ladders and two 55-gallon drums of unknown chemicals have been taken off of the site.

The ordinance enforcer is supposed to issue reported ordinance violations requiring compliance within a specified time period. No display or storage of any outdoor goods/materials, supplies, or equipment used in the Home Occupation business on the premises at any time.  Not more than one (1) nonresident employee (in office is allowed to work at the residence and conditioned on the resident supplying the Township with the name and address of that employee; yet there have been about 12 non-resident employees without driver's licenses on the premises coming and going.

 No dump truck, stake truck, flatbed, tanker truck, welding truck, wrecker, septic tank pumper, semi-tractor, well-drilling rig, semi-trailer/double axel or any type of commercial construction equipment or materials (30 large highway dividers) are allowed on the premises. Plus, eight wheel barrows, 12-15 large pieces of construction equipment/vehicles in and out and stored.    So far, the term "we're working with them" has been the most common answer to this issue, but is just a stall? This has been dragged along far too long; since May 2011. As of this printing this large landscaping business is operating way outside the parameters of Home Business Occupation ordinance. Too many untruthful statements have been made. When will the intent of article 78 ordinance be fully complied within our subdivision?

John W. Hart