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Decade of Halloween decorations

October 19, 2011

The Fitzgeralds’ front lawn is filled with seasonal decorations for trick or treaters. Photos by Phil Custodio
Their own children are grown, but Pat and Lori Fitzgerald of Independence Township still get into the Halloween spirit, especially Pat.

"I dress up in a costume, put on scary music, fog machine, strobes, and hand out candy it's fun," he said.

Their Dale Court front yard is filled with 10 years worth of Halloween decorations.

"We moved into this neighborhood from a dirt road where no one went trick or treating," he said. "I was excited to see kids doing that, so I started to buy some stuff."

His decorations are spooky, but no guts or gore.

"It's fun, more fantasy than scary," he said.

He has them up the entire month.

"I take them down the day after Halloween," he said.