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Hart continues assault on trucks, trailers

October 19, 2011

Dear Editor,

My residential living zone does not allow three dump trucks, two double axle enclosed trailers, a bobcat, tree shredder, seven wheel barrows, untold amounts of contaminating liquids, six commercial plowing blades, a garage full of repair tools, 12 different employees and all the vehicles (some without drivers licenses), along with dumping tree waste (ash borer disease) in the rear of the residential property. 

This past Tuesday, a brother of my son's girlfriend was hired there (unbeknownst to me), worked ten hours on Wednesday and quit on Thursday morning because the owner said he wasn't going to pay him for training time. 

Like you said Norm and Jean Wheaton: you know nothing of this 18-month ordeal.  They are mostly gone, crept in here slowly, they are subcontractors with many accounts, they are not broke, nor struggle. They have a commercial yard and plenty of money.  There are neighbors who are involved also. There is another entrenched demolition business on Hinford that two different people told me about and have complained about for years without resolve. So, here is there number, let them know it's okay to be on your street next to you, 1-800-360-2887.

Do your duty Norm and Jean, and let them know they are welcome in your subdivision.

John W. Hart