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A tale of two streetscapes

October 19, 2011

If the trucks stay on Washington St., then the streetscape's elements will include:

Making the sidewalk as wide as possible to accommodate a permanent landscape buffer along the road curb.

Minimizing on-street parking to accommodate this buffer.

Minimizing outdoor dining, pocket areas to sit, benches or chairs.

Emphasizing building architecture, store fronts, Centennial Park, art and features.

Providing connections to facilitate pedestrian travel on and away from Washington St. to off-street parking areas and neighborhoods.

If the trucks are removed from Washington St. via a bypass, then the streetscape's elements will include:

Making the sidewalks places for gathering and resting by optimizing opportunities for outdoor dining, adding pocket parks with seating, and scattering benches and chairs in numerous locations.

Varying sidewalk widths to provide for multiple uses.

Maintaining street parking in key locations.