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Ortonville Village
Ordinance No. 69 Summary

October 19, 2011

Village of Ortonville

State of Michigan

County of Oakland

Ordinance No. 69 Summary

An Ordinance to establish the authority and procedures for the issuance of municipal civil infraction notices and citations; to establish a municipal ordinance violations bureau; and to provide generally for penalties and actions for municipal civil infraction violations.

Section 1 of Ordinance Amendment of Title XIII

The Village Council hereby amends Title XIII of the Code of Ordinances to adopt a new Chapter 134, entitled "Municipal Civil Infractions,"

134.01 Definitions as used in Ordinance

134.02 Municipal Civil Infraction; Commencement; Dismissal.

134.03 Municipal Civil Infraction Citations; Issuance and Service.

134.04 Municipal Civil Infraction Citations; Contents

134.05 Municipal Ordinance Violations Bureau.

134.06 Penalties and Sanctions

Section 2 of Ordinance Effective Date

This Ordinance shall take effect 30 days after publication.

At a regular meeting of the Village Council held October 10, 2011 Trustee Champion moved for adoption of this ordinance and Trustee Peters supported that motion.

Ayes: Waters, Skornicka, Champion, Eschmann, Peters, Baker, Wills

Nays: None


The foregoing is a true copy of Ordinance No 69 which was enacted by the Village Council at a

regular meeting held on October 10, 2011.

A copy of Ordinance 69 can be found in the Clerk's office located at 476 Mill Street, Ortonville,

MI 48462.

Heidi Barckholtz,

Village Clerk

Publish in The Citizen 10-22-11