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Letter to the Editor
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October 26, 2011

Dear Editor,

I have to respond to his ill-informed, insensitive, and inflammatory statement about using the new delayed start teacher development time to drink coffee ("Parent upset by school phone call," Oct. 12).

Mr. Palese, if you HAD audited a teacher development meeting and been unsatisfied, then you would have had the right to make that statement. However, to do so without any knowledge about what happens during that time is insulting to the education experts that Clarkston employs.

Because your son is in public education, you may "audit" any time a teacher has in his/her classroom. I would argue that you would leave with a greater appreciation for the work we do every day in and out of the classroom. Those canvas "teacher bags" that we haul out to our cars nightly are filled with work for us to do at night and on weekends. The two hours granted to us a month through delayed starts don't begin to allow us the time to address all of the needs of our varied students.

We spent the first of our delayed start days learning to re-teach those who aren't grasping concepts, reinforce concepts for those who need it, and enrich the concepts for those who already "have it."

This can only be accomplished by working with the other experts in our field and brainstorming and sharing ideas. Dr. Rock has also ensured we are totally accountable for this time by asking us to complete a lengthy survey about what we have discussed during this time.

Kathleen Ann Noble

Bailey Lake Elementary teacher