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Letter to the Editor
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October 26, 2011

Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Charles Kennedy's statement "We have serious educational testing shortfalls relative to other countries; we have to compete" ("Reader irked by E-blasted opinion," Oct. 5), I would invite Mr. Kennedy and others to research and consider the following:

How do you evaluate the quality of standardized testing? Who writes the tests and how are they graded? Do standardized tests measure creativity, innovation and ingenuity? Do you consider these characteristics to be an important factor of success? Do your "competing" countries education all children free and equally? Do your "competing" countries segregate students as early as 6th grade for vocational training?

Have you compared the test scores of the top 10 percent of students in your "competing" countries to the top 10 percent in the Unites States? Do you understand the enrollment procedures of charter schools? Did you know that most hand pick students from applications and family interviews?

When was the last time you were actually in a public school or talked to their students to hear about what programs, clubs and athletics are offered to foster their passions and interests? Have you considered the home life and the value put on education in your "competing" countries?

These questions are imperative to ask, research and answer before making such a bold statement that public schools are failing. And, please note, this was written on my personally funded home computer while I sipped coffee to wash down my donuts.

Amy Ankrom

Clarkston Junior High School