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Doc opens hometown practice

by Trevor Keiser

October 26, 2011


Clarkston News Staff Writer

According to Jennifer Caudill, there is no better place to practice medicine than her hometown.

"I originally grew up here going to Clarkston Elementary school, Clarkston Junior High, and graduating from Clarkston High School," Caudill said. "I skied at Pine Knob every day, raced on the ski team, and life guarded at Deer Lake Beach."

Caudill started her own Dermatology practice, "Jennifer Caudill, MD," about a month ago after previously working in Birmingham.

"I got a great opportunity to take over a practice from Dr. Susan Klemmer who was my dermatologist as a kid, it's really a full-circle experience," Caudill said. "She'll be there until she ultimately decides she doesn't want to see patients anymore."

After getting a ski scholarship, Caudill went to Montana to go to school, and from there she came back home to Michigan to go to medical school at Wayne State University, where she also did her residency.

"It was a great place to do medicine. Obviously the sickest patients are in that part of our area," she said. "I studied at the Karmonos Melanoma clinic, specializing in skin cancers. I practiced at Children's hospital with the sickest kids there, seeing all their skin rashes. I got a great training."

Caudill, who could have done pediatrics, geriatric medicine and "everything in between," said she chose dermatology because it's a field "where you can do it all," including medicine, surgery, and pathology. She also said it's an "easier medicine to practice" in some ways because she doesn't have to explain it all.

"Most dermatologists are visual learners," Caudill said. "It's great for patients too because you can see what's wrong with you. When I'm trying to get across why you need to use your medicine or what your medicine is going to do, you can see it working and we can decide together how the treatment is going."

As far as how the field of dermatology has changed, Caudill said it's pretty much the same as it has been, other than the cosmetic side of things, such as lasers and botox.

"Older dermatologist that wasn't part of their training," she said.

The one thing she wants patients to understand is they are "100 percent" of her focus.

"What I have to offer in terms of dermatology and the patients in this community is a new school very patient focused practice method. I think a lot of medicine is moving this way now, where the patients are active in their treatment plan," she said. "Me being able to establish my own practice and allowing my schedule to be created in such a way where every patient comes in and they all have a unique experience."

Caudill lives in Independence Township with her husband Chad, and their two children.

Jennifer Caudill's office is located at 6080 Dixie Hwy. To make an appointment call 248-623-9700 or visit