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Lighting up downtown

by Trevor Keiser

November 02, 2011

Al Avery and the rest of the Rotary Club is looking to light up downtown Clarkston. Photo by Trevor Keiser
Clarkston Rotary Club is looking to light up this holiday season by purchasing new Christmas lights for 35 poles in downtown Clarkston from Bronners Christmas store in Frankenmuth.

According to Rotary President Al Avery, the three-year project will cost $21,000. They've already ordered a portion of the lights for this year. At this point, the money will come out of the club's funds, but they are hoping to do some fund raising.

"We haven't put together particularly a plan as to how we're going to go about doing that," he said. "We welcome donations or any help from any individuals other service clubs if they want to get involved."

Along with the lights, they are purchasing new garland and red bows.

"They're holiday decorations, not necessarily Santa Claus, so they can stay up past Christmas," Avery said.

The plan said Avery is to give the lights and everything over to the city, so they can decide when the decorations go up and are taken down.

"I think it's a good thing for the downtown, every little bit helps," he said. "I know the Union and others put up their own lights, more lights you have, the better."

Those interested in donating or getting involved can contact the Al Avery through the club's website.