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Oxford police log

November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14 - Village dispatch received a call from Tor St. with heavy breathing on the line before hanging up. Dispatch attempted to make contact, and on the third try, spoke with a woman who was crying because her boyfriend was intoxicated and hit her in the chin. The caller was transferred to the Oakland County Sheriffs Department.

Sunday, November 13 - A women called village dispatch because she thought her husband might have done something to harm himself. She called back and said he was fine. When dispatch spoke with her husband, he said his wife was nuts and he wanted a divorce. Oakland County Sheriffs were dispatched to the residence for a welfare check.

*Report of a driver possibly sleeping behind the wheel of a vehicle on northbound M-24 from Lake Orion. The vehicle and driver were unable to be located.

*Police assisted a citizen with moving a broken trampoline from the middle of Bay Pointe Dr.

*A caller reported hearing noises inside her home on White Hawk Ct.

*Suspicious circumstance reported on Pearl. A van backed up to a garage of a vacant house and someone was seen inside the house with a flashlight. The caller thought the individual was carrying items from the house to the van.

Saturday, November 12 - Malicious destruction of property reported on Great Pines Dr. A man found a bullet casing lodged in the bottom of his garage door. Deputies found the bullet had punched through the aluminium outer surface and was stuck in the inner insulation of the door. The owner thought the bullet might have come from the farm directly north of the house because the home owner could hear gun shots at all times during the day and night.

*A gas station on S. Lapeer Rd. had a customer drive away without paying for approximately $80 worth of gas.

*A group of intoxicated males were asked to leave a bar on S. Washington and were seen causing problems in the SE Lot.

*A juvenile on M-24, just south of Drahner, was reported to be mooning drivers as the passed by.

Friday, November 11 - Report of a runaway juvenile on Hunters Rill. A father discovered his daughter left the house by jumping out her bedroom window and went to meet some friends in Lake Orion.

*An officer reported a suspicious vehicle on N. Washington and E. Burdick.

*A caller reported the back door to a building was open on S. Washington.

*A vehicle was sideswiped while parked on Washington St.

*Suspicious circumstance reported on S. Washington. A small girl was curled up by the steps of an establishment. The girl, which turned out to be the daughter of the owner of the establishment, went inside the building before officers arrived.

*Report of a white male using a S. Washington St. building as a bathroom before heading into another establishment. The caller lost the subject and was not able to locate the male.

Thursday, November 10 - An Oxford Twp. woman reported two cases of credit card fraud to Oakland County Sheriffs.

*Report of a drug overdose in the parking lot of an establishment on N. Lapeer Rd. The victim was taken to POH for treatment.

*Juvenile complaint on N. Washington.

*A pickup truck rolled down the hill on Bay Pointe Dr. and Sunset Blvd. and partially ended up in the lake. The vehicle was gone when officers arrived.

*Report of broken glass on N. Lapeer Rd.

Wednesday, November 9 - A man requested a welfare check on his mother-in-law, who lived on Burdick Woods Ct. According to the son-in-law, she had fallen and he was unsure if she was injured.

*Property damage reported on E. Burdick.

*An intoxicated male was yelling in hallway and knocking on random doors in an apartment complex on Crawford St.

Tuesday, November 8 - A man on Leighton Lane reported someone broke into his truck and stole wrenches and various hand tools used for bending scrap metal.

*Officers received word that an unknown individual set up a tent on some property on Louck. The caller checked the tent and found several pairs of women's undergarments and some shaving products. Officers checked the tent as well, but could not find a source of identification. They informed the caller they would continue to monitor the tent.

*Parking complaint on Lakes Edge Dr.

*A caller on Browning said her dad was putting his hands on her. The caller was transferred to the Oakland County Sheriffs.

*Unwanted subject reported on Basket Branch.