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Shooting Stars
Scalf brothers place in BMX competition

by Trevor Keiser

November 23, 2011

Neal Scalf
Chase Scalf
Ryder Scalf
While brothers Neal, Chase, and Ryder Scalf have been riding dirt bikes since they were 3 years old, they've proven success in the world of BMX just four months after trading in their motorcycles for pedals.

All three boys traveled to Louisville, Ky., for "The Grand" in BMX, and all three placed in their age group. Neal, 13, took second. Chase, 10, took first, and Ryder, 6, also took second place.

Ryder said it felt good to win.

"It's just fun," he said.

Neal said they got into BMX because a few of his friends told him about it and his dad, Tim, used to race.

Tim said he started out racing BMX because his mom wouldn't let him have a motorcycle until he was about 13. He raced motocross competitively for 20 years.

"I wanted to race motocross and I couldn't. I had raced BMX, which was as close as I could get to motocross," he said. "Then these guys, I give them dirt bikes and a track in the backyard for them to do it and they want to race BMX."

The boys race for Magic Motorsports. Other sponsors include Redline, Unit, Sir Pizza, Fly Racing, and Sinz.

Neal said the team manager for Magic Motor, Jim Cassidy, "is awesome."

"He spends a lot of time with the boys," said Gina, the boys' mom.

Besides racing, the boys enjoy riding their dirt bikes, scooters, and snowboards. However, Neal said he won't be snowboarding this year due to a herniated disc injury while riding.

"I flipped and landed on my back, but I'll be able to race next season," he said.

Gina said having all three boys race makes for "good quality time."

"Instead of school sports where one kid goes here and the other there, we get to do it all together it's good family time," she said. "It's nice they all do it."

All three boys are looking forward to racing next season, where each of them will be bumped up a class from Novice to Challenger.