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Keiserís Role A column by Trevor Keiser
Bad decison

by Trevor Keiser

November 23, 2011

Mouth dropping, shocked, confused, and anger are just a few words to describe the emotions in the room upon the announcement of Mike Clark as deputy supervisor at the Nov. 15 Independence Township Board meeting.

I've been working for the Clarkston News going on five years and in that time I've seen Supervisor Dave Wagner make a lot of what I would call "questionable decisions." This one is a bad decision.

Anybody who's been around for a few years and watched or attended board meetings, knows the appointment of Mike Clark is the biggest sign of "the bird" that Mr. Wagner could give. Especially knowing that Mike and Trustee Neil Wallace are pretty much arch nemesis and the two couldn't get along even if you paid them too.

I understand that this appointment is in direct relation to the proposal by Trustee David Lohmeier and the board's acceptance to a township superintendent AKA "township manager." At the same time the township has been between a rock and a hard place for the past seven months with Wagner out on disability.

His last doctor note stated his medical condition, "is totally incapacitated from working until Jan. 1 2012" While I hope Wagner can come back and finish the term he was elected to, I don't expect the board to sit around hoping. They probably could have made it to January before moving forward, but I believe the appointment of Mike Clark forced their hand a little quicker than expected.

While I am still struggling with completely stripping the supervisor of all his powers and giving them to a superintendent, I think the new superintendent, Bart Clark will serve the township well. He has proven himself as a man of integrity, and one who is able to think independently and act on his own convictions.

Some will argue this to be a "backdoor deal," but a backdoor deal is something typically done behind closed doors and not in the light of the public. Mr. Lohmeier's proposal has been made known in open meetings for the past couple months. So, I would say he walked through the front door and left his game plan on the table for all to see.