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Police protection
Letter to the editor

November 23, 2011

Dear Editor,

I look at the current situation in Orion Township, and I feel very responsible.  I voted for and knocked on doors as a precinct delegate for the Township Supervisor who is now mucking up things at the county level and all but one of the elected Orion Township board members.

To hear our leaders talk about cutting back on police protection because the township doesn't have enough money, makes me ill.  The board members played follow the leader and overspent, including the new Wildwood Pavilion that sits in a hole next to a swamp noted for its misquotes. The pavilion has the acoustics of a card board box. 

How many police officer hours did this expenditure that is not completed and will need upkeep cost the citizens of Orion Township?

The road that services this pavilion is now being used as a high speed cut through.  With all the children using the playing fields, we need the sheriff's office to protect our kids and stop these cut-through drivers.  But I guess we do not have the money to do so.

Please, would someone who ordered the big screen TVs for the township meeting room tell the taxpayers why we needed them in such a confined space?  I can sit in back and tell you the color of everyone's eyes that are sitting on the dais.

The monster of the "Senior Citizens" building is yet to open, as again it is not finished and again will have very high overhead costs. I hate to be repetitive, but how many police hours have this building cost us and how many hours will it cost us when it is opened?

As a senior citizen with many senior citizens as friends and associates, I do not know of anyone who plans to use this building.  These friends and associates are more concerned about who will protect us and keep our roads safe.

I ask our elected officials to look forward and deal with expenditures that will not affect the great service our sheriff's office has given us today and in the past. And now that we have a new supervisor, let's not just play follow the leader.  Today is over. It is tomorrow you need to be concerned about, along with yourpositions.

Dave Duenow