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Springfield Township
November 10, 2011 SYNOPSIS

November 23, 2011


November 10, 2011 SYNOPSIS

CALL TO ORDER: 7:30 p.m. by Supervisor Walls



AGENDA ADDITIONS & CHANGES: Added New Business Consider local proposal at Presidential Primary



a) Approved Minutes: October 25, 2011 Special Workshop Meeting and October 13, 2011 Regular Meeting with bills and additional disbursements of $377,187.24

b) Accepted October 2011 Treasurer's Report

c) Received October 2011 Monthly Reports: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Ordinance, Police, Fire, Assessing, IT and Comp Time Report

d) Authorized payment of bills as amended, totaling $26,969.78

e) Authorized attendance at 2012 MTA Conference and set budget of up to $400 per attendee

f) Received First Reading: Amendment to Ordinance 15-A Traffic Code Ordinance and authorize Clerk to publish for Second Reading

g) Adopted Resolution to waive Recapture of 2009 CDBG Funds and authorize Supervisor to complete and submit Waive Recapture form

h) Reappointed Dean Baker and William Leddy to the Planning Commission, terms ending November, 2014 and reappointed Dean Baker to the Zoning Board of Appeals, term ending November, 2014


1. 2012 Budgets Presented 2012 proposed budgets: No comments received


1. Second Reading: Amendment to Zoning Ordinance26, Article XI-OS District - Adopted amendment

2. Second Reading: Amendment to Zoning Ordinance 26, Article II Family - Adopted Amendment

3. Second Reading: Amendment to Ordinance 42 Parks and Recreation - Adopted amendment

4. Second Reading: Amendment to Ordinance 47 Metroparks Adopted amendment

5. Propose Endowment Fund Agreement: Board Review and approval Approved draft agreement received from Springfield Sit Action Committee with addition of attorney clarifying that fund monies can be used for bank charges directly related to the fund


1. Proposed 2012 Budgets: Adopted 2012 Budgets as follows: General Fund: Revenue $2,088,100, Expense $2,059,050; Fire Fund: Revenue $817,000, Expense $716,500; Police Fund: Revenue $1,596,000, Expense $1,593,700; Parks & Recreation Fund: Revenue $578,176, Expense $578,176; Parks & Recreation Restricted Stewardship Fund: Revenue $1,000, Expense $1,000; Cemetery Fund: Revenue $700, Expense $700; Lake Improvement Fund: Revenue $261,200, Expense $261,200; Softwater Lake Improvement Fund: Revenue $15,000, Expense $15,000; Eliza Lake Improvement Fund; Revenue $15,000, Expense $15,000; Cable TV Fund: Revenue $129,900, Expense $129,900; Building Department Fund; Revenue $70,700, Expense $67,150; Civic Center Debt Fund: Revenue $371,000, Expense $369,000; Softwater Sewer SAD: Revenue $121,000, Expense $121,000

2. Township Medical Plan: Review/Renew Plan, Discuss employee contribution, address Publicly Funded Health Insurance Act Determined to continue same health insurance plan with no employee contribution. Moved to opt-out of Publicly Funded Health Insurance Act.

3. Appointment to Zoning Board of Appeals Accepted resignation from Jim Carlton and appointed Virginia Fishbach to remainder of term ending 12/31/2012

4. Purchase a 48 port Power Over Ethernet switch Approved purchase, cost not to exceed $2,300

5. Consider Local Proposal at Presidential Primary Board determined not to present local proposal at February 28 Presidential Primary

6. Convene to closed session re: Attorney Client Privilege Entered closed session at 9:53. Reconvened to open session at 10:10. Authorized Supervisor and attorney to proceed as discussed in closed session


ADJOURNMENT: 10:11 pm Laura Moreau, Clerk

Publish: 11/23/11 TB