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Public hearing on ordinance, parking fines set for Dec. 13

by CJ Carnacchio

November 30, 2011

Oxford Village residents who wish to discuss the proposed creation of either a parking violations bureau, ordinance violations bureau or both are invited to give their input during a 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 13 public hearing at 22 W. Burdick St.

Council is considering creating a "parking violations bureau" in Oxford to collect fines for parking tickets issued by village police. Currently, all such tickets can only be paid at the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills.

The idea was proposed by Police Chief Mike Neymanowski as a way to make it more convenient and less expensive for parking violators to pay their fines.

By doing this, the chief hopes violators would be less likely to contest their tickets, something which requires officers to appear at the district court. This costs the department in overtime pay.

Under the chief's proposal, the village would charge $100 for handicapped space violations, $15 for parking in a space longer than the posted time limit; and $40 for all other parking violations.

These fines are much cheaper than those assessed by the district court. Right now, the court charges $65 for all parking-related offenses with the exception of handicapped parking violations, which cost $170.

If the village collected its own fines, it would receive 100 percent of the proceeds. Currently, it received only 33 percent of each village parking ticket paid at the court.

Under the proposal, the violator would have five business days to pay the fine to the village's parking violations bureau. Court tickets must be paid within 14 days.

A violator would still have the right to contest a ticket issued by the village, however, the citation would have to be re-written under the court's purview. If the violator's challenge failed, they would have to pay either $65 or $170.

Council is also considering establishing an "ordinance violations" bureau to collect fines from those cited for violating village ordinances.

Under the proposal, violators would first receive written notification of their infraction or infractions.

If they fail to comply, the village would then fine them $25 for the first offense and $100 for the second offense.

Examples of offenses include ordinance violations involving animals, canvassers and solicitors, alarm systems, nuisances, excavations, inoperable motor vehicles, streets, sidewalks, snow/ice removal, trees, weeds and zoning.

Those who wish to contest an ordinance violation may do so at the 52-3 District Court under the proposal.