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OES celebrates $24K fund-raiser by dunking staff

December 07, 2011

OES fifth-grade teacher Nora Krol celebrated her dunking with gusto.
It was a wet and wild afternoon Friday at Oxford Elementary as select students took turns attempting to dunk the school's principal and three teachers in a big tank of water.

Don't worry, it wasn't part of some French Revolution-style student uprising.

It was actually a fun reward for raising so much money during the PTO's Fun Run event held back in September.

OES and Daniel Axford Elementary students collected a combined $24,000 in donations. OES students who raised the most money each got the opportunity to dunk Principal Jeff Brown and teachers Nora Krol, Tim Collins and Stephanie Niemi.

They all seemed to be good sports. But then again, they can always get their revenge when it's time for report cards. CJC