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Occupiers incompetent

December 07, 2011

(In response to: 'Who is Occupy Wall Street,' The Citizen, Nov. 26, page 6)

Dear Editor,

After much contemplation, I decided against writing an editorial on the Chevy Volt and instead address the criticisms of my previous article concerning Occupy Wall Street. First, I'd like to bring to the attention of my critics that I am all in favor of a peaceful protest and I also understand the grievances of OWS. I am just in disagreement with the violent route the movement has chosen to take and, more importantly, the ideology the movement holds. I seek the truth and speak the truth. I am in no way "spreading rumors and incendiary gossip". All of my statements about the OWS movement in my previous article are true (yes, even the claim of OWS protesters idolizing evil dictators). They are only generalized because of the character limit I'm bound to in writing an editorial and if one wishes to dispute the validity of my claims I will be more than happy to present all my sources upon request. My contact information will be located at the bottom this article.

Secondly, I wrote the article to show the people what the movement truly represents. I understand the article portrayed the movement in a negative sense but it was meant to do so. You cannot look at everything in life through rose colored lenses and one would be ignorant to do so. I wrote the article to expose the truth and hopefully deter people from blindly advocating for a movement in which they do not completely understand. I want to also crack the medias "its only a few bad eggs" theory in relation to the criminal activity. The Tea Party has been holding major protests/gatherings for years now and there have been zero arrests and zero accusations of any criminal behavior. Yet only two and a half months old there have been over 900 arrests connected to Occupy with an abundance of violent criminal activity. But what disturbs me the most is that I have heard about none of this from any of the major news networks.

Lastly, and most importantly, I'd like to point out the complete incompetence of the Occupy protestors. They are protesting the wrong entity! As Sarah pointed out the problem is "the crimes that are being committed in our government by both parties". It's the government who is in bed with Wall Street. It's the government who bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was the governments poor policy that got us into this mess in the first place! Yet, instead of Occupying the White House and challenging the corrupt politicians in Washington, the Occupiers choose to attack capitalism? They choose to attack the economic system that has made America the most prosperous nation in human existence. Occupy openly calls for the destruction of Capitalism and they clearly advocate for Socialism. Why do they attack capitalism instead of going after Washington? This is because the organizers of OWS are also in bed with Washington. As I pointed out in my previous article the people of OWS are not ideological diverse as the media would like to lead you to believe. Several organizers of the movement (and a good portion of Occupiers) are leftists with a socialist agenda of their own. It saddens me to see Americans who have good intentions at heart being misled and following the radical movement in high hopes of change for the greater good when in reality they're advocating for the destruction of the most efficient economic system known to man. Instead, let us go after the politicians who have allowed such corruption to occur.

David Rowe, Atlas Township