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Christmas at the O.K. Corral

December 14, 2011

Maya Clemens (left) played The Candy Cane Kid, while Griffin Grabowski portrayed Santa Claus.
Clear Lake Elementary's second-graders celebrated a western-style Yuletide with their "Christmas at the O.K. Corral" concert held Dec. 8 at the high school's Fine Arts Center.

The townspeople of Snowy Gulch are preparing to celebrate Christmas with their annual festival at the O.K. Corral when they're interrupted by local villain Bubble Gum Bart.

Annoyed by all the noise and happiness, Bart threatens to coat the whole town in bubble gum if the festival isn't called off.

The townspeople wire a message to Santa Claus seeking help. The big man sends The Candy Cane Kid to save the day.

In the end, the Christmas festival is saved, Bart is welcomed to join the celebration and the Kid is a hero to the townspeople.

Editor C.J. Carnacchio