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My Way
My Way
Good news all around

December 14, 2011

First off, I'd like to commend Oxford Community Schools for doing the right thing by telling the cable commission that it no longer wished to have two voting representatives on the board, given the district contributes nothing to it financially or otherwise (see Page 4).

I'm hoping the Oxford Public Library, which also contributes zero to the cable commission, will follow the school district's example and request that it's voting representative be removed as well.

If not, I hope the cable commission will vote to amend its bylaws and remove the library's seat on the board.

As I've stated before, it's not fair in any way, shape or form to give an entity that contributes absolutely nothing a vote on a board whose other members all represent paying entities.

As for the big land deal and proposed development involving the private investors from China (see Page 1), I've thought hard about it for a while now I knew it was coming three or four weeks ago.

I must say I really don't have a problem with it and believe it's a good thing for the community, particularly the addition of a hotel and convention center.

For the township, it means more property taxes and a big help paying off its massive water bond debt.

For residents, it means full-time jobs to support families and part-time jobs for high school kids. The hotel and convention center could also provide internships for OHS students and graduates interested in fields such as culinary arts and hospitality management.

For our local businesses, it means visitors coming to Oxford to dine at our restaurants, utilize services, and shop at our unique stores for clothing, toys, wine, etc.

I do hope when the site plan comes before the planning commission, our officials will require the Chinese investors to pay for the extension of E. Market St. all the way to N. Oxford Rd. as part of the approval process.

It's the logical extension of that road, which is currently a dead-end, and it would help improve local traffic circulation. Might as well strike while the iron's hot.