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Personal training and martial arts

by Trevor Keiser

December 28, 2011

Eric Ross shows off the personal training side.
Michael Robinson, with a sword.
Whether it's through personal training or martial arts, Eric Ross and his partner Michael Robinson at Better Bodies is hoping to make you a better person.

One on one training offers being able to "cater to personal needs" said Ross.

"We're not a boot camp facility, we train everybody," he said. "I've trained high school students and my oldest client right now is 64 years old."

Ross said they take things at the client's personal pace. They take a clients body type and figure in a program that will work best for them and work from that, along with nutritional consultation

"We set goals, we achieve the goals and we reset goals, along with nutritional consultation," Ross said. "

Robinson noted they recently added Yoga as well.

On the martial arts side Better Bodies offers three basic programs including Korean style Tung Soo Do, Japanes Ninjutsu, and Brazilian Juijutsu. According to Robinson Ninjutsu is a "modern ninja art."

"Our ninjutsu program is traditional, but we also have a modern eclectic blend," he said. "We take from a lot of different sources in our background."

They also teach and work with a lot of weaponry from traditional swords and nun-chucks to modern day knife fighting including Personal Combat Systems, featuring JKD/Filipino Kali, which is a knife, stick, and unarmed class.

They also have Woman's Self Defense, which is taught by Ross along with his sister Master Lisa.

"I let the ladies beat the snot out of me," Ross said. "It's a tough course.

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