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Letter to the Editor - Police Funding

January 04, 2012

Dear Editor,

Based on letters to the editor, it appears there's incomplete information about how police protection services are funded in Orion Township. For over 20 years the Township has levied a voter-approved millage to pay the cost of the contract with the Oakland County Sheriff's Department.

The current levy for the Police Fund is 1.9832 mills while the levy for the General Fund is 0.9322. In addition, the General Fund pays for the attorney to handle the cases that go to court, and the Police Fund receives the revenue from fines assessed by the court.

For the past three years the revenues for the Police Fund have been less than the expenses, and the fund balance has been used up. The Township Board stepped up and helped Lake Orion Schools when it indicated it didn't have the funds available to pay its share of the cost for the school liaison officer. The Township agreed to fund the position for one year. Future funding for that position will depend on a voter-approved millage.

The Police Fund millage is up for renewal in 2012. The number of deputies he Township will be able to contract for will depend on the amount of millage approved by the voters. I will be happy to meet with anyone to further discuss funding for police services.

JoAnn Van Tassel

Orion Township Supervisor