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Oxford police log

January 04, 2012

Monday, January 2 - A fire hydrant was damaged on Derby.

*A caller reported a car being in a ditch along Ray Rd. The extent of the injuries were unknown at the time.

Sunday, January 1 - Oakland County Sheriffs were called to a residence on Oak Ridge following an argument between a husband and wife. When the husband left the room, the wife went upstairs, got her husband's gun and went outside on the upper deck and fired it. When deputies asked her why she fired the gun, she said she did it to get her husband's attention. Deputies secured the gun in the gun safe before speaking further with both parties. When deputies left, both parties were calm and said they would work things out between themselves.

*A caller said she was assaulted by her boyfriend in Pontiac. When asked to clarify her location, the caller became upset and hung up the phone.

*Two males were reported at the beach on Oxford Lakes Dr. and Lakes Edge Dr. during the early morning hours. When asked by officers what they were doing, they told them they were waiting for a ride, but they were at the wrong beach. They were supposed to be picked up at Scripter Park's beach. Officers transported the men to Scripter Park, where their ride was waiting for them.

*A woman in Louisiana requested a welfare check on her daughter, who claimed her boyfriend beat her up. When officers arrived at the daughter's residence on Stanton, there were no signs of physical abuse. She informed officers the altercation was only verbal and the parties agreed to separate for the evening.

*Suspicious vehicles reported on Lakes Edge Dr.

*Accident on Pearl. An angry individual was leaving a residence and backed into a parked car.

*A man reported losing his tool box, gun and case from the back of his truck, which was open, while driving from Oxford to Auburn Hills. The toolbox and gun were later found on the road near Auburn Hills.

Saturday, December 31 - Oakland County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Hummer Lake Rd. for a domestic assault between a mother and her 15-year-old daughter. The mother was informed by her friend's parent her daughter had allegedly taken an I-pod from her residence when she came over. When the mother took the I-pod from her daughter, the daughter began choking her. The mother began fighting back, which caused the other daughter to run to the neighbors and call the cops. The 15-year-old was taken to Children's Village in Pontiac.

*An assault was reported during a New Year's Eve party at a residence on Watersedge Ct. After having a couple of drinks, the responsible male got into an argument with a female over the television program they were going to watch. The female told the responsible he had to leave, but the male refused and said to call the cops. The female did, and while she was on the phone with dispatchers, the male grabbed the phone and threw it across the room. He then proceeded to shove her and walk out of the residence. The male was later detained by the Oxford Village Police Department, who issued a PBT, which he blew a .062. The man was transported to Oakland County Jail without incident.

*A man walked away from a group home because he could not smoke when he wanted to. When he was found at Lapeer and Helen St., he told officers he did not want to go back to the group home. According to officers, the man appeared to have not taken a bath in weeks and the man mentioned some alleged abuse by one of the workers. A case worker was assigned to the incident.

*Suspicious vehicle reported on Oxford Lakes Dr. and Industrial.

*An officer was out with a suspicious vehicle behind Oxford Marketplace. He determined everything was ok and cleared the situation.

*Suspicious individual reported walking down the middle of the street on Lakes Edge Dr. When asked where he was going by officers, he told them he was on his way home. Officers also reported a group of juveniles were playing basketball in the area.

*Debris reported in the road at N. Washington and First St.

*Accident in a parking lot at S. Washington and E. Burdick.

*A black dog was reported running through a parking lot at S. Washington and W. Burdick. Officers were unable to catch the dog.

Friday, December 30 - A man on Broadway reported broken bottles on the front porch of his mobile home and a hole in his outer glass screen window. A neighbor mentioned to the man some juveniles were shooting at the bottles on the porch. When confronted by deputies, a juvenile female admitted she received a BB gun for Christmas and she and a male friend of hers was shooting at the bottles on the porch. She said did not realize the residence was occupied since it had been previously unoccupied for the past few months. She apologized and offered to pay for the damage.

*Report of a run away juvenile on Hummer Lake Rd. The daughter was located at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.

*An area check was conducted on Pearl for solicitors selling Bibles. Officers were unable to locate the group.

*Reckless driver reported on Lapeer and Drahner Rd.

*A caller on Whispering Winds was locked out of his residence and needed assistance getting in. The resident was able to get in.

*Caller reported a vehicle was parked in the striped-off area of the handicapped spaces in a S. Washington and W. Burdick parking lot, which caused the driver not to be able to get the ramp on her van down to load her passengers.

*Caller on Anton reported hearing gunshots near her residence.

Thursday, December 29 - A resident at Crossroads for Youth ran away.

*Missing person reported on Cypress. A man left without taking his cell phone after finding out his marriage was dissolving. The man later returned home, saying he went for a drive in order to think.

*A employee of a store on S. Lapeer Rd. reported a man was still inside the store after telling them he wanted to wait outside the store for someone from Pontiac to bring him prescription drugs.

*A brown and black colored dog was running loose on N. Washington. The dog went in an unknown direction.

*Officers received numerous reports about juveniles on a golf cart pulling juveniles in a sled on Lakes Edge Dr. Police were unable to locate them.

*A woman came into the Village Police Station inquiring about pellet and BB gun restrictions for her 10-year-old son.

Wednesday, December 28 - A 2000 Chevy Malibu was taken from a driveway on Laurel Leah after the owner started the vehicle to warm it up while she was inside the residence.

*Report of a woman being assaulted in the trailer park on Hudson in Metamora Twp. The incident was turned over to the Lapeer County Sheriffs Department.

*An individual on Broadway said someone in his house was urinating on his dishes. A citation was issued for disorderly conduct.

*Suspicious vehicle was parked and occupied by a male and female after hours at the Scripter Park ballfields. The male and female were talking in the backseat and appeared to be licensed drivers.

*Suspicious vehicle on Glaspie St. An employee left her wallet at the NOTA offices.

Tuesday, December 27 - A man on Glenmoor reported an unknown individual damaged his vehicle while it was parked overnight on the street.

*A caller on Broadway said he was assaulted by a family member.